Wireless Backup Camera System – Which One To Choose?

Wireless Backup Camera System

A wireless backup camera system is a relatively new and useful tool drivers really enjoy. This device helps you see any obstacles such as cars, objects or people as you are trying to park or pull out of a space. As a result, these can help you be a safer driver.

One of the best rear view camera systems to buy is the Master Lock Backup Camera and Hitch Alignment System. This is an excellent piece of equipment that serves two purposes in that you can use it when you back up or for hitch alignment.

This wireless backup camera system comes with everything you need. The installation is easy as it plugs into a 4-way trailer connector and has a small cord that goes from camera to the connector.

The display is outstanding as it has a screen similar in size to what you would find in GPS units. The field of vision is superb as it goes up to a 110 degree angle while the range goes up to 90 degrees. This means you’ll be able to capture what’s around you at all angles.

The color monitor can mount to many parts of your car including your air vent, dashboard or windshield. This means you won’t have to worry about it contending with other items like rear view mirror accessories. Further, it has low-light capability thereby making the display easy to read regardless of where you are.

This is also a great wireless camera system for trucks as it has hitch alignment features. One of the best is the camera can go on any magnetic surface, so installation is a breeze. This in turn will give you clear fields of vision, which will make it easier to see all angles behind you when you are hauling items or wanting to hitch something up.

Moreover, when you consider the price of this wireless backup camera system, you’ll see it’s well worth your money. The kit comes with all the tools you need for installation and all for around $173. Currently, E Trailer’s website is also offering free shipping, which will save you more money.

When factored altogether, this is an excellent wireless backup camera system to buy.