Used Car Dealers – How To Deal With Them?

Buying a vehicle can be done through used car dealers. These are professional auto sellers who trade in second-hand or even multi-owner vehicles including trucks and pick-ups. They make a living doing trades with the general public, but there is a general image of the car salesman as someone shifty, desperate or even underhand. Although these are the minority of real-life traders, with most being granted a used car dealer license by the state, the perception is so strong that people feel nervous about doing a deal with these traders, and some even seek to avoid it by using other means of buying a car. However, if you want to speak to someone with experience in selling second-hand autos, then a trader is the best person to speak to.

The first question you need to ask anyone who is trying to sell used car is whether they are used car dealers and whether they have the right documentation. This will include Mechanics Certification, which will establish the value and road-worthiness of the auto. The certificate means that it has been inspected, and either passed as good, or fixed in order to pass the test. This certification should be filed and kept for future use. Other papers will include the documentation for the car, and any service records since the dealership has owned it. Sometimes the vehicle is completely overhauled, meaning that there is no need to deal with service repairs for some time. While dealing with the paperwork, this is a good opportunity to ask where the car came from. Most used car dealers will buy directly from the general public, but they can also buy from salvage auctions. The latter vehicle will have had to had a lot of work done before it passed the certification, which establishes that the vehicle is one of the safest used cars, those which have been tested.

The next question to ask is about the financing of the auto. Most dealerships will offer some alternatives when it comes to buying the vehicle, including used car lease deals, which allows the buyer to drive the car on a rental basis. Some others will offer a cash deal, or even a part-exchange, where the buyer’s old car is taken as part of the payment for the new auto. This is easy enough, and dealers can sometimes take as much as 5% off the price of the car for cash, and then reduce it even further with the part-exchange.

Another question to ask is about taking the vehicle on a test drive. The majority of dealerships will hold a specialist used car dealer insurance policy, which allows drivers to take the autos on a short spin around the block to see how it drives. Sometimes, dealers will even allow the vehicle to be taken overnight, as long as the car is not driven more than 100 miles, and that the fuel tank is refilled before being returned. This can allow buyers to get a good feel for the car, but even if that is not possible, most sellers will allow the buyer to drive the auto a short distance.