Transmission Flush – Good or Bad For Car?

Transmission Flush

The relevancy of transmission flushes is a big debate between some auto mechanics and drivers. Whereas oil changes are good, because they can keep your oil and engine components clean, the same doesn’t apply to transmission flushes.

Here are some factors for drivers to consider when deciding whether a transmission flush is good or bad.

Some mechanics weigh in whether transmission flush is good or bad debate as showing this service is a necessity that can help your car run well. This is false as flushes are not as beneficial as you think.

For starters, this procedure could damage your car. One of the reasons for this is the pressure it takes to remove the fluid from your transmission. Whether you do a DIY transmission flush, or have a mechanic use a transmission flush machine or do a dry transmission flush, it puts much pressure on the components, which can damage them. This in turn can take a relatively small transmission flush cost and increase the price dramatically.

Also, drivers may notice issues with their car and think a flush could help.

Even when your car has problems like transmission slipping, it doesn’t mean a flush will fix it. Instead, have a reputable mechanic inspect the components to see what is causing the problem.

When drivers decide whether a transmission flush is good or bad, it’s also important to note that most service guides in new vehicles don’t recommend you get a flush. Therefore, if the manufacturers don’t require it, it’s a good rule of thumb for you to follow.

One of the reasons less than honest mechanics push this service is because many of the newer cars have excellent quality parts that last much longer than their older counterparts. This means there will be less service required, especially during the first 100,000 miles. This in turn takes away from their business, so they may try to offer services like a transmission flush that your car doesn’t need.

Ultimately, when considering whether a transmission flush is good or bad keep in mind these factors. Oftentimes less than honest mechanics will try to push this service on you as a way to maintain your car. Now you know the opposite applies, which can save you money and possible future damage to your transmission.