Transmission Flush Cost – Can I Skip This Service?

Transmission Flush Cost

Often it is necessary to give your transmission a maintenance rinse. With any automobile, care is essential to it running efficiently and smoothly. The question often arises, however, as to whether a transmission flush is necessary. Can it be skipped? Is the transmission flush cost reasonable? There are varying types of transmission flushes that serve different purposes as to whether a transmission flush good or bad, and is worth it. There are transmission cooler flushes and pump inlet transmission flushes. With the cooler line type of flush, the fluid exits the transmission and passes through regulators within the space under the hood of the vehicle. The older transmission fluid does not completely drain out of the transmission, but is instead diluted with newer transmission fluid. With this type of process, transmission diagnostics may appear to read better but in the long run do not aid in the care of your vehicle.

In pump inlet transmission flushes, the transmission filter and pan are removed and a pump is then attached to give the transmission a flush. The ratio of new fluid to old fluid is usually 20 quarts of newer fluid such as Allison transmission fluid to 15 quarts of the older transmission fluid. Mechanics and auto adherents recommend performing a flush every 30,000 miles despite the transmission flush cost. It is vital to have this done on your car to ensure a healthy transmission and to make certain that you will not have to purchase any type of transmission rebuild kits. This can also reduce your transmission flush cost. Synthetic fluids are also suggested over the conventional transmission fluids for their long lasting effects on transmission performance and protection. The transmission flush cost will range anywhere from $80 to $300 depending on the type of vehicle you have. Make sure that the auto shop you are dealing with is licensed and has an impeccable reputation before you delve into the transmission flush cost and service.