Toyota Corolla Sport Model: Pros and Cons

The Corolla is a name known across the world, and any version of it, from the Toyota Corolla Sport to the new hybrid, is likely to be very popular with people in the US. Since its beginnings in the 1960s, this car has been viewed as one of the most reliable and trustworthy for its size and price value. The sport version itself, sometimes known as the Toyota Corolla S, is one way of ensuring that there is elegance and style included with the basic features of the vehicle.

The Toyota Corolla Sport has a number of positive features which will make buyers keen to own it. There is the standard reliability, already mentioned, which makes this car an exceptional purchase if the buyer is looking for value. Built to withstand the worst that life can throw at a small family car, the Corolla Sport is tough and dependable, which is something that most family drivers are really looking for in a car. Much cheaper than many of its class, this makes it affordable and accessible for those who would otherwise not be able to afford alternatives. With a much lower center of gravity than other cars, and with low Toyota Corolla wheels that give the model a much more aerodynamic feel, the car is designed to make passengers think of a fast car. It is as a family car, however, that the Corolla Sport does best, and for this reason it is likely to fly out of dealerships as soon as it goes on sale.

Most reviewers consider the Toyota Corolla Sport to have few attractions in the design, although it is not as unattractive as some of its rivals. The general feel of the car is that of ‘sport’, which means that some elements of it are too forced, with clunky switches which feel out of place in a modern sport vehicle. Some elements of the Toyota Corolla accessories for the Sport have not been well thought-out, which means that the general features of the car have no harmony. The Toyota Corolla sport rims are ugly, but can be easily replaced. This additional expense might be a price too far for some, and instead they could consider making a purchase of an alternative. Most reviewers have noticed the poor power supply of the car, lacking the four-speed fuel injection system which would have given this vehicle the edge and turned it into a supreme model uniting performance and reliability in a reasonably priced car. In addition, the Toyota Corolla sport gas mileage is of the same class as the other varieties in this model, meaning that it uses much more than would be expected for the poor power performance. Being slower to reach 60 than some of its rivals and having less thrust when speed is increased means that gas is used less efficiently.

The Corolla Sport is designed to make people think of sportiness and speed, but poor performance and lack of harmonious design mean that it falls between being practical, and being truly sporty.