Top 5 Affordable Hybrid Cars For Students

Buying affordable hybrid cars can be very difficult for those on a limited budget, and for students in particular, it can be hard to scrape together the cash to make a down payment on a vehicle. While there are lots of cheap used cars available, only a limited number of these are cheap hybrid cars, and so students are forced to choose between economy, and fuel savings. Getting the right car for a student budget, which will also help them by reducing the cost of their fuel, can be a difficult balancing act.

One incentive for purchasing a hybrid vehicle, even on a student budget, is to benefit from the hybrid car tax credit policies. These allow people who own environmentally friendly cars to benefit with tax savings, as long as the car meets a certain EPA ranking. So while students may not be sure about whether used hybrid cars could help them save money, they should realize that modern makes of vehicles might be a better alternative in the long-run. There are many affordable hybrid cars available, and the top 5 cars for students will include:

1. The Honda Insight is one of the best hybrid vehicles, with a 1.3 liter engine and ABS included as standard. Most importantly, it is one of the most affordable cars on the market, at around $18,500 for a new vehicle.

2. The Toyota Prius C is another small car which is affordable for the student. It has limited power, but is ideal for driving in the city and has a good fuel economy. This would make it ideal for the student that lives in the same area as their school, college or university, and comes at a cost of $18,950.

3. If the student wants a bigger car, such as an SUV, then they can expect to pay a lot more for their affordable hybrid cars. These cars will often be much more expensive than standard vehicles, and so the best vehicle in a hybrid SUV comparison is also likely to be one which is reasonably priced. That can include the Mercury Mariner Hybrid, which starts at around $30,200, and runs on gas and battery. It has a lower MPG than the Honda, with only 34 in the city.

4. The Toyota Highlander Hybrid is another SUV which can support both gas and battery power. However, it is also much lower on MPG, with only 28 in the city. This makes it less desirable for those looking to save money on fuel.

5. As an alternative to the standard car or the SUV, an affordable hybrid minivan could be the ideal solution to students with large families, or lots of gear. The Estima is another hybrid from Toyota, and has reasonable fuel economy when compared to standard minivans. It has replaced the Prius V, which was one of the first minivans in the US. The latter vehicle can still be found at prices beginning at $27,160, and it has good MPG, at around 44 in the city.