Top 10 Toyota Corolla Parts That Need To Be Repaired

While being known for its reliability, there are still some Toyota Corolla parts which are more likely to need repairs than on similar car types. These parts can vary in range from a problem with the front window, to air filters which need to be replaced regularly as part of the general maintenance of the vehicle. While each car is individual, and some users may find that different Toyota Corolla accessories fail on their own vehicles, a list of the top 10 parts that need to be repaired can be a helpful guide to prospective buyers.

1. Front Door Glass
Since 2008, there have been recalls of some models of Toyota Corolla due to the driver or passenger glass being incorrectly installed. The bolts which were intended to keep the door glass in place were found to loosen, and may even drop off completely. This can cause the window to break, or shatter, when being opened or closed. New bolts were designed to help with this problem, but some drivers have not yet come forward.

2. Engine Starter Motor
Since the mid-nineties, users have reported problems with the engine starter motor, meaning that ignition does not take place. This problem tends to occur at between 100,000 and 125,000 miles, so it is an important consideration for older cars. Rather than having to resort to a complete replacement, or even buying Toyota engine rebuild kits, users should bear in mind that these age-related changes could easily be resolved by replacing the motor before problems begin.

3. EVAP Fault
The Evaporative Emission System on Toyota Corolla parts made during the 2000s may cause problems with the Check Engine Light. This is a simple problem which can be repaired easily by changing the charcoal canister, or perhaps looking at the gas cap to ensure that it is not too worn to keep the gas in place.

4. Oil Filter
Every 5000 miles or so, or every 6 months if the car is not driven regularly, it is important to check the state of the oil filters, and replace them if necessary. As with most other cars, the Toyota Corolla can develop blocked oil filters which inhibit the power and performance of the car.

5. Brakes
The breaks are one of the Toyota Corolla parts which are most vulnerable to wear and tear, and need to be regularly checked and replaced. In some vehicles, there is the chance that they will only have a life-span of 15,000 miles.

6. Wheels
Not a problem with the car itself, but many users choose to replace Toyota Corolla wheels including hubs and rims, even if they have bought the car completely new. In addition, some users find that, when they come to replace the wheels, it is difficult to keep the alignment, with wheels wearing out quickly.

7. Steering Wheel
The steering wheel is another common cause of complaints in the Toyota Corolla, and also on other makes including Toyota SUV models. The most common complaints include loose steering problems, requiring the wheel and bearings inside to be replaced.

8. Fuel System
The engine fuel systems have needed replacement on several vehicles due to surges, meaning that the Corolla gets extra power when that is not required.

9. Fuel Pump
This has caused problems due to a failure of supply, meaning that the pump will shut off suddenly. Replacing the fuel pump seems to resolve this problem.

10. Front Suspension
The front suspension can wobble and shake when driving, possibly due to components being missed during assembly.