Top 10 Semi Truck Accessories Recommended By Pros

Semi Truck Accessories

For truckers, having the right tools can make your job much easier. Along with ease of use, certain semi truck accessories can help keep your ride in pristine condition while others can keep you safe.

Here is a list of some of the best semi truck accessories to have.

1. One of the best semi truck parts you can buy is edge molding. By applying this to your doors, hood and bug shield, it can keep your ride looking new. Further, installing the guard is easy as there are no tools required.

2. Grab handles are another item that serve dual purposes in that they provide functionality and a sharp visual element. Additionally, they are made with quality construction thereby providing truckers with years of excellent handling.

3. One of the best semi truck accessories is lights as they help keep drivers safe. An LED light can alert other drivers when a trucker is stopping or turning.

4. A great way for you to protect your truck and keep it looking sharp is with grille surrounds. Many of these are made with stainless steel thereby giving you the look you want with the durability you need.

5. A powerful horn is a great part for any truck driver to have. The trumpet air horn is powerful enough to cut through most traffic noises, which is perfect for when a truck driver is trying to warn others.

6. Some of the best semi truck accessories help the driver stay comfortable during the long trip. A comfortable seat cushion made of orthopedic gel can keep them comfortable while avoiding fatigue during long stretches.

7. Along with a CB radio, a bluetooth handset is a great piece of communications equipment to have. This hands free device allows you to answer phone calls while helping you keep both hands free so you can focus on the road.

8. Fuel cap locks are perfect for any truck driver due to its durable construction. Some chrome truck accessories help hold up against any terrain your truck will come across.

9. Another way to keep you safe on the road is with a tripod safety mirror. These help to eliminate all blind spots and can fit a variety of truck sizes.

10. Weather alert radios are a good way to keep you apprised of any conditions you may come across on your trip. With this information you can make adjustments if need be or at the very least know what you will be facing along your way.

You can buy all of these items at online retailers. Along with these, there are many pickup truck accessories you can find for personal use like truck bed caps or a truck bed extender.