Top 10 Safest Used Cars For Teenagers

When they start out in their driving career, teenagers need to have the safest used cars possible for their first vehicle. It can be a natural instinct of the parent to try and buy a used car for their child, but most young drivers benefit from having a newer used vehicle. These second-hand vehicles are there to ensure that the auto is not written off at great expense during the first month, when risks of accidents are particularly high.

In addition, most families will have to rely upon finding the safest cars for teenagers from among the second-hand vehicles on sale. Young driver premiums are very high, and parents might face an even higher bill if they choose to invest in a powerful new car. Teenagers are not as fussy as might be expected, with more than 73 percent of young drivers choosing to own a second-hand car, often more than 5 years old. So finding the safest cars for young drivers might be relatively easy.

1) Honda Accord
A medium-sized car which looks sleek and fast but is also reliable. A vehicle from 2007 has good crash test data, meaning that it is one of the safest used cars available. A car from this year will cost between $9,000 and $15,000, but an earlier one could cost much less.

2) Audi A3
The hatchback is often rated for safety and is rated among parents for its low-cost insurance ratings.

3) Honda Civic
Honda could make a business from scratch, simply based upon the safety and reliability of their second-hand vehicles. Any good used car search should be able to supply Civics from 2004, or earlier, which meet the budget of most families.

4) Toyota Camry
This car is valued for safety, and is also available as an alternative to used electric cars in its hybrid form. Slightly more expensive than the Honda, Toyotas are durable and long-lasting, as well as having a good safety record.

5) Chevrolet Aveo
A small car, but one that can stand alongside other fuel efficient used cars. It is generally reliable, although a 2004 or 2006 model should be avoided.

6) Ford Taurus
This might not be the car of a teenager’s dream, but it is built like a tank, and there are also added-on stability controls which make this one of the safest used cars for teens.

7) Scion xB
A tiny car, this is great for the city, able to weave in and out of tight corners. There is also great space in the trunk.

8) Hyundai Santa Fe
A good-value car, although it cannot beat the xB for cargo space and will be more expensive to insure.

9) Nissan Rogue
An SUV which might fill parents with terror but has a large hold, and is tougher than most used cars, with less insurance impact than the Hyundai.

10) Subaru Forester
Tough four-wheel drive mechanism allows the teen to keep going even on poor roads. Stability control is essential for complete safety.