Top 10 Rear View Mirror Accessories For Girls

Rear View Mirror Accessories

One of the best ways to customize your ride is with accessories. This is a great way to add your personality to your car. A good way to accomplish this is by buying rear view mirror accessories as they have many different parts that can appeal to you.

For females, here is a look at the best rear view mirror accessories to buy.

1. Fuzzy dice is a fun way to incorporate style in your car. Best of all many retailers offer them in a huge selection of colors thereby giving you a chance to decorate your car based on your personality.

2. Along with fuzzy dice, you can add images to your mirror. Items like the Twin Girls Silhouette Angel and Devil add attitude to your ride.

3. You can also add rear view mirror charms. This is a fun way to express your personality as you can find them in a variety of styles and colors to match your design tastes.

4. One of the more innovative rear view mirror accessories you can buy is a built in Mini-LCD Bluetooth mirror. These are a wireless way to enjoy calls and music and the LCD screen can hide in the mirror when not in use.

5. Specialty air fresheners like Hello Kitty serve two purposes. One, they dangle on your mirror giving you a cool looking accessory while keeping your car smelling fresh.

6. You can also buy rear view mirror accessories that will keep you safe. A good example of this is a blind spot rear view mirror, which can help you locate all vehicles around you on the road.

7. Along with a blind spot mirror, rear view camera systems are a great way to see everything around you. This is especially the case when moving into or backing out of tight spots as these systems can locate and alert you to when you are near objects or people.

8. Rear view mirror glue is an invaluable resource to have. One of the reasons for this is if in the off chance your mirror falls from the glass you’ll have some on hand to fix it quickly. That way you are not driving around blindly.

9. Ornaments are fun items you can add that bring your creative taste to your ride. They come in many different styles with the option of scented or unscented depending on your preference.

10. Lastly, clip on bling is a cool way to design your mirror. These are easy to install and remove, and can add a good pop of style to your car.