Top 10 Nissan Maxima Parts That Need To Be Repaired

Like all cars, occasionally Nissan Maxima Parts need to be replaced. This can be due to an accident, or it could be due to a number of inherent problems within the vehicle. Although this automobile is one of the most popular in the US, there have been some difficulties with it that have resulted in customers needing to change certain items more frequently than would be expected. These are the top 10 car components which need to be repaired.

1 Transmission. In 2011, a class action suit was filed in New Jersey, alleging that Nissan Maxima Transmission contains a design fault which makes them more vulnerable to damage, including overheating and clutch wear, as well as requiring that the entire transmission be replaced. This suit has since moved into litigation.

2 Engine. The entire Nissan Maxima Engine has also had problems in the past, and is one of the most common replacement orders. The failures could be caused by electrical issues, which mean that the signal cannot reach the ignition, and in addition, the circuit boards can also need to be replaced. These Nissan Maxima Parts are some of the most commonly replaced in the vehicle.

3 Starter Motor. Along with the parts above, the starter motor is a common source of Nissan Maxima Problems. Complete ignition coil failure was a regular source of complaints after around 75,000 miles, and sometimes resulted in exhausts and catalytic converters also needing replacement.

4 Exterior Lamps. Fogging in the exterior lamps resulted in several vehicles being recalled in 2002, and it could still be a problem in older models. This could be due to a defect in some models, generally resulting in water getting into external lamps.

5 Alternator. This is occasionally reported as a problem in some of the models built after the year 2000. In this problem, the alternator would shut off when the car was being driven away after stopping. Often, it would fail to restart. Fluctuating voltage was blamed for this.

6 Suspension. Models made in 2009-2010 are being recalled due to problems with the Nissan Maxima OEM parts relating to the front strut insulators for the suspension. The suggestion is that these have not been made according to specifications, resulting in cracking.

7 Seats. Some Nissan Maxima accessories parts, including the seats, were recalled after it was revealed that a pinched harness on the driver’s side could result in short circuits, causing fires in the seat.

8 Tires. In some cases, the tires have blown out unexpectedly on the car. These Nissan Maxima Parts have had to be replaced unexpectedly, and often without warranty. Occasionally, the sidewall of the tire needed to be replaced.

9 ABS Brakes. These components have a problem with the actuator, which causes the automatic braking system to suddenly lock on. This can result in some vehicles losing acceleration, and becoming impossible to drive.

10 Air Bags. These parts have had some difficulty due to poor removal and installation of sensor controls during maintenance. This can cause them to activate without warning, and these components may need to be replaced.