Top 10 Muscle Car Rims For True Road Racers

Muscle Car Rims

If you are a hot rod enthusiast chances are you will do anything to keep your ride looking sharp. There are many muscle car parts available that can help you spruce up your vehicle and get it looking in show condition. One of the best ways to accomplish this is with muscle car rims.

Here are ten of the best muscle cars rims for drivers to buy.

1. One of the best classic car rims is the Booster Hyper Silver. The aluminum construction offers drivers durability and a sharp design aesthetic.

2. The Modern Muscle Hyper Shot pays homage to the past stylings of muscle cars while exceeding all D.O.T requirements for safety. They come in a good selection of sizes, which can accommodate many of the current models of Detroit muscle.

3. The Modern Muscle Booster Black is sharp looking black car rims. These are the perfect compliment to the new Camero or Mustang models as they pay tribute to the past with a timeless look.

4. Another set of excellent muscle car rims is the Rocket Racing Wheels Launcher Gray. These come in either polished or chrome surfaces, perfect for those wanting to match the style of their hot rod with the correct period.

5. The Rocket Racing Wheels Launcher As Cast is a Gasser Style front-runner that can bring a sharp look to your ride. These are made with quality construction and when combined with the Rocket Injector combos they can make your vehicle stand out from the crowd.

6. The Rocket Racing Wheels Booster Hyper Shot is one if not the best muscle car rims you can buy. The construction ensures these will hold up over time and they are a perfect compliment of style.

7. Another excellent set from Rocket Racing Wheels is their Velocity Hyper Silver. These look great on any car and with their extensive research they can offer pre-sized fitments for all models.

8. The Fuel Polished wheels from Rocket Racing are made with A356 Aluminum, which offers a good combination of style and durability. Further, they come in back settings from 1.50-4.50, making this the perfect compliment to a variety of vehicles.

9. Rocket Racing Wheels Booster Chrome are great for streets racing and pro-touring cars. What’s great about these is they look good and are affordable thereby making this a great way to touch up your hot rod.

10. Lastly, the Rocket Racing Wheel Igniter Polished is made from A356 aluminum. As a result, drivers will enjoy the classic look this brings to their cars and they can be sure these will hold up over time.

These are ten of the best rims drivers can find. To find specific items like chrome rims for sale visit Hot Rod Hank’s website, as they have everything you need to make your ride look the best.