Top 10 Most Useful Nissan Pathfinder Accessories

Finding good Nissan Pathfinder accessories is often only half the battle, because accessories also have to work, and be practical, in order to ensure that they are worth the money that is being paid for them. When even small accessories can cost over $50, and the bigger ones cost into the hundreds of dollars, it is important to ensure that as much use as possible is made out of these products. Some popular and useful items can include mobile electronics or even chips and programmers.

1) Brakes
When looking for Nissan Pathfinder parts, brakes and brake fittings are a good place to start. These are important elements in the car, and because of the wear and tear upon them, they often need replacing at certain mileage points. 30,000 miles is a good point to check the brakes, and replace any parts that look worn.

2) Monitors
With the rise of electronic gadget, installing monitors into the back parts of the car can seem like a good idea. There are two real options when it comes to designing these elements, either have them descend from an overhead box, which saves space at lower levels, or have them fitted onto the back of the headrest.

3) Car Covers
A big expense for what it is, the car cover is nevertheless an essential item which is needed to keep the car clean and dry. It completely covers the car, protecting any external Nissan Pathfinder accessories which have been installed in the car.

4) Nerf Bars
Not just available as Nissan Juke accessories, Nerf bars are designed to help people get down from the car, or even step into the vehicle. It can be useful when the driver or passenger has mobility problems, but they can also be an elegant accessory.

5) Spring Step
Just like the Nerf bar, the spring step is designed to help people get up and down. This is designed to spring back into position once weight is taken off of it, so it is tidy and easily concealed.

6) Roof Racks
Every car needs a roof rack of some kind, and while they can be OEM Nissan parts, in some cases they have to be bought as accessories. There are a number of different roof racks to choose from.

7) Body Kits
When looking for car parts, the body kits are designed to help protect the parts of the car. Rocker panels keep the bottoms of doors and panels free from dirt, and also prevent them from getting scrapes.

8) Air Intake System
These can be available as replacement parts for the system, but they are also Nissan Pathfinder accessories because they can be used to improve the performance of the vehicle.

9) Performance Chips
Small chips can be put into the vehicle parts, and will improve the performance and power of the vehicle. They are often used by drivers who want to buy a cheap Used Nissan Pathfinder, and then upgrade it through the use of add-ons.

10) Seat Covers
Change the appearance of the car with seat covers, or protect the interior with leather, neoprene or suede.