Top 10 Most Popular Nissan Maxima Accessories

Nissan Maxima accessories allow drivers to change the way that their car looks and drives. From cheap and cheerful additions designed to brighten up the vehicle to essential Nissan Maxima parts which need to be replaced. There are several accessories which have proven to be very popular.

1. Dash Kits
When the Maxima is made, all vehicle dashes look exactly the same, and this can be very dull. One way to make a difference is to change the Nissan Maxima interior by using one of these dash kits. From wood effect to carbon filter trim, the kit can improve the appearance of the interior.

2. Storage Cases
One of the best ways to Custom Nissan Maxima interiors is with a storage unit. These can be fitted in several places, from overhead to alongside the driver’s seat. They are designed to allow maximum space for small items which might roll around in the back.

3. Device Mounts
The modern age has seen a boom in the number of electronic devices, including laptops and handheld DVD players. Installing a mount to support these, for example in the back of the car where children can use them, is very useful.

4. Floor Mats and Liners
These are another range of Nissan Maxima accessories which can help the car owner to customize his car’s appearance. Floor mats are also practical and useful, keeping dirt and debris away from the upholstery, and being easy to clean.

5. Suspension
Nissan Maxima parts are also sold by accessory stores, and the suspension is one area where a kit can be very useful. From the basic spring or individual shocks to complete replacement kits, these are a very useful tool to have.

6. Tow Bars
When looking for Nissan Maxima accessories which can really make a difference to the appearance of the vehicle, most drivers forget the humble tow bar. This is not only practical, but also changes the function of the vehicle, from domestic to active. Many drivers choose to install these on their cars from accessory shops.

7. Chrome fittings
Along with other makes, such as the Nissan Altima accessories can be purchased which are designed to change the look of the Maxima. Chrome fittings slide over existing parts, or are glued there, and add a touch of style and elegance to the car, customizing it completely.

8. Snow Tires
Bad weather can inhibit driving, and one of the most positive things that the driver can do is to get Maxima snow tires. These replace the basic model, and are often fitted with chains or ropes designed to give the car a better grip.

9. Snow Plow
If it gets really bad, drivers might choose to purchase a snow plow. These are very popular in the Northern states, where heavy and unpredictable snow can cut people off from their neighbors very quickly, and snow tires are not enough.

10. Transmission
Transmission units on the Nissan often need to be replaced. Changing the clutches, or the flywheel parts can give the driver greater performance, or simply rebuild the transmission.