Top 10 Most Popular Nissan Altima Accessories

The Nissan Altima is a popular little car, and owners can make their car stand out by adding Nissan Altima accessories and parts. Some of these have proven to be very popular, while others are still in the early stages of acceptance.

1) Body Kits
Nothing changes the appearance of the car like a body kit. These are designed to fit over the front of the car, in the form of a spoiler, or along the edge in the form of a side skirt. They are popular with new Nissan owners.

2) Fender Trims
Changing the appearance of Nissan Altima parts such as the fender can also have an impact in the overall look of the car. These custom-made devices include flares and trim designs which can add design moldings to the edge of the car.

3) Dashboard Covers
Changing the appearance of the car with these Nissan Altima accessories is one of the easiest ways to customize the vehicle. They come in a range of colors and fittings, including Suede, Velour, and even a fashion print, if that is what the driver wants.

4) Rims
Add a different look to tires with Nissan Altima rims. These are available in a range of models, from a ‘spider’ shape to a more traditional ‘five point’ fitting. Drivers can either buy these online, or purchase them from a garage and re-spray them to produce unique color combinations.

5) LED Strips
One of the most interesting Nissan Altima coupe accessories is the access truck bed light, which allows owners to install an LED light strip in their covered truck. It needs 12V of power, but will work in any position.

6) Deflectors
The roof and window deflectors are designed to protect the window and hood from catching bugs, or being damaged by rocks. The sunroof deflectors keep wind out of the driver’s hair, and also protect them from rainfall. The car available in a range of colors and styles depending upon the model of Altima the driver owns.

7) Transmission
Another popular device which can be bought as an accessory is the transmission. Either secondhand or from an OEM Nissan Parts seller, this product is very popular among drivers needing to replace their standard transmission with another product.

8) Lights
Drivers can also customize the Altima by changing the appearance of their lights. From particular designs such as Spyder head or tail lights, to LED lights which are designed to conserve energy. The Daylighter is also a very popular product, and is meant to provide stronger lighting, almost daylight, through the nighttime.

9) Trunk Liners
Keeping the inside of the trunk clean is never easy, but with Nissan Altima accessories such as the cargo liner, drivers can keep their product secure, and also ensure that the OEM lining is not damaged due to leaks or dirty items sitting in the back.

10) Chrome fittings
Many Nissan sellers provide chrome alternatives to the color scheme of the car, including pillar post decoration, fuel tank covers, and rocker panels.