Top 10 Most Popular Mazda RX8 Accessories

The RX8 is a popular car, and it can be easily styled with a range of Mazda RX8 accessories. These can include decorative features, and there are also post-factory RX8 parts which can help improve the experience of driving the car. There are so many different accessories available that it is not possible to name them all, but for the driver looking for different accessories, some parts are more popular than others.

1) Dashboard kits
Changing the way the car looks is a principle for most Mazda sports cars fans, and here the dashboard can be completely changed about, in order to look better and create a sense of uniqueness.

2) Seat Covers
The entire Mazda RX8 interior can be changed by mixing dashboard kits with seat covers, or even seat fabric replacement. The former go over the seat rather like a bag, the latter are fabric and need to be attached firmly.

3) Performance Chips
This is what Mazda RX8 accessories are all about, getting the best out of the vehicle by using programmers and tuners to ensure that the power, performance and fuel distribution of the car are at its maximum. This great tool helps drivers by keeping them informed of changes through the monitor, and making adjustments to the car’s performance while the vehicle is moving.

4) Air Intake Kits
These Mazda accessories are designed to help the driver to reduce fuel consumption. They are designed to increase throttle, and can even improve the HP of the engine, cooling air more efficiently than metal tubes.

5) Dashboard covers
These covers help to keep the dashboard clean and cool no matter what the weather. Some people want the dashboard carpet, which also helps to protect the original car and ensure there is no cracking or flaking due to being in direct sunlight.

6) Body Kits
There are a variety of Mazda RX8 body kits on the market designed to improve the appearance of the car. These can include things such as front bumpers, side skirts, and fenders. There are also additional kits that add things to the hood, change the grilles, or alter the appearance of the wheel arch.

7) Floor Mats
The accessories range will include floor mats as a matter of course. These could be either rubber, to keep feet from slipping under the pedals, or to keep the floor clean, or carpet, to improve the appearance of the interior.

8) Car Racks
Most vehicles need to be able to carry more than the boot allows, and roof racks are the ideal Mazda RX8 accessories for this role. They come in a variety of styles, including a base rack or a flat rack system, one supported with large pillars, and the other much closer to the roof.

9) Cargo Boxes
These can be found as aftermarket auto parts for the RX8, and provide space close to the driver’s left hand.

10) Windscreen Protectors
Keep the car interior cool in summer with a windscreen shade. This runs across the front window, and blocks sunlight from the car.