Top 10 Most Popular Mazda 3 Accessories

Finding the right Mazda 3 accessories is not always easy. There are so many to choose from that it can be tempting to want all of them. There are a variety of these accessories which have proven increasingly popular with the general public, including side view mirrors, and even steering wheel covers which would have been traditionally knitted by a wife or girlfriend. These accessories are not only popular, but many of them are also exceedingly popular, both with car drivers, and with admirers of the Mazda sedan range.

1) Performance Chips
Everyone these days wants more from their vehicle. This can include fitting spoilers, or adding super-power brakes to improve response times. However, adding a performance chip is something that everyone can afford, and it won’t affect the overall appearance of the car. These chips can include fuel economy monitors, or devices to improve performance from the Mazda 3 engine. There are a number of chips which also have a dashboard monitor, so drivers can check the car’s performance while the vehicle is moving.

2) Body Kits
Kits to change the appearance of the car are very popular and these Mazda accessories include rocker panels and side skirts for the Mazda 3. These need to be selected according to vehicle make, rather than purchased as a fits-all arrangement.

3) Auto Dimming Rear View Mirrors
In order to avoid lights from the person behind shining into the driver’s eyes, these rear view mirrors have auto-dimming features which reduce the impact of the glare. There are also other additions, such as digital gauges, which can help the driver to get more from his car.

4) Seat Covers
The Mazda 3 interior accessories range includes a number of different seat covers, from neoprene to leather, suede and other fabrics. They can be fitted on like a glove, or tied around the back to keep them in position.

5) Dash Kits
Other types of Mazda 3 accessories designed to improve the appearance of the vehicle are dash kits. These are overlays which fit on top of the original dashboard, and make it look unique. They come in a variety of colors, so they will suit any internal scheme.

6) Deflectors
The weather is never friendly to drivers, and these deflectors can help to keep the wind and the rain out of the vehicle. Even with the window open, they still work to deflect the worst of the weather, and also protect against bugs.

7) Tire Chains
Some Mazda 3 accessories are essential if the car is going to be used in the North. These are intended to keep the car on the road even in the worst of the snow.

8) Cargo Baskets
The size of the Mazda 3 hatchback means that it can fit a roof basket, rather than a simple rack. These fit and keep items secure with wire mesh lips.

9) Truck Tent
Anyone who drives for long periods knows how hard it can be, and the chance to open up a truck tent in the back of the car sounds ideal.

10) Hitches
Connecting an item to tow is made more secure with hitching accessories.