Top 10 Fuel Efficient Used Cars

Fuel Efficient Used Cars

With a challenging economy and rising fuel cost, many consumers are turning to fuel efficient used cars when considering their purchasing decisions. Some of the best fuel efficient cars and energy efficient cars are among those who deserve a spot on the top fuel efficient used cars list. Here’s a snapshot of a few.

1. The Honda Insight – the 5 speed manual deserves a spot among the top 10 fuel efficient used cars for its delivery of 51 mpg and insightful qualities.

2. VW Golf GLS TDI – unveiled in 2001, this fuel efficient used car is one of a kind in performance and technology.

3. Scion XD – a 5 speed manual deliverer in the speed department, the Scion XD gives 34 mpg in overall driving power.

4. Toyota Yaris 2-door hatchback – it could be that hatchbacks are making a comeback, but this fuel efficient used cars’ popularity is seen in its 34 mpg gasoline endurance and stamina.

5. Toyota Prius Hybrid – although not a best hybrid SUV vehicle, the Toyota Prius sedan has been a fuel efficient used cars’ buyer’s favorite since inception.

6. Audi A3 – the lush Audi sedan is one of the most brilliant concept cars ever conceived.

7. Nissan Versa – voted #1 by the Bard as being one of the least expensive cars to own, this fuel efficient used car is top-notch for price and power.

8. Honda Fit – the subcompact fuel efficient used car uses Honda’s stellar global small car platform and is a five door hatchback.

9. Volkswagen Pasaat TDI – known for its head turning style, this top of the liner in the Volkswagen fleet is one of the best fuel efficient diesel cars.

10. Pontiac Vibe – despite this line of fuel efficient cars being discontinued, this Pontiac type has been on the rise for its quasi-SUV look and appeal.