Top 10 Best Rated SUV 2012

Best Rated SUV

For those looking for the best crossover vehicles or SUVs, this list has some of the highest rated vehicles available. The ratings take into account safety features and performance.

1. One of the best crossovers to buy is the Nissan Juke. It features a small, but powerful engine and it has good fuel efficiency. While the exterior design won’t win it many awards the interior more than makes up for it.

2. The Ford Flex is among the best 7 passenger crossover vehicles you can buy. It has a spacious interior design, which will make it the ideal car for big families.

3. The Kia Sportage is the best rated SUV for compact models. It has many appealing features such as great design, it’s fun to drive and it’s affordable, which makes this the best small SUV to buy.

4. A sporty option for families looking for a safety is the Mazda CX-9. It has three rows of seats that make this a perfect space for families and it has excellent handling and performance.

5. The best rated SUV for passenger space is the Chevrolet Equinox. This is a stylish model that offers families all they could want in a vehicle with excellent performance, good safety ratings and a long-term warranty.

6. Among the more expensive models, the best rated SUV is the Mercedes-Benz GL. It comes with either a diesel engine or V8. Furthermore, the air suspension makes this a smooth ride families will enjoy.

7. For a zippy yet spacious vehicle, you can buy the Porsche Cayenne Hybrid. This model is fuel efficient and with a V6 motor you can accelerate to 60 MPH in just six seconds.

8. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is perfect for the adventurous family. It has many accessories like the best tires for SUV that help it maintain its durability. Additionally, this is the best rated SUV to take off road as it can handle any challenges you throw its way.

9. For the safety conscience, you cannot go wrong with the Volvo XC60. It has excellent safety features like a City Safety collision-prevention system. Along with safety, it is stylish and spacious, thereby making this the perfect choice for families.

10. The last model making the list is the Infiniti QX56. This larger size vehicle has plenty of power under the hood with a V8 engine. It also handles well and comes with many optional features, which can help you customize the ride to your liking.