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Halogen Headlight Bulbs Review

Halogen Headlight Bulbs

When you shop for replacement headlights parts you will have many different types you can choose from, which include Xenon headlight bulbs or aftermarket headlights. When looking for new parts it’s important to research different types as each brings their own benefits to the table. Here is a look at one type in particular that boasts better radiance and quality of color.

Buying Aftermarket Headlights: Pros and Cons

Aftermarket Headlights

When you replace your headlights you’ll come across a huge selection of types available ranging from Xenon headlight bulbs to blue headlight bulbs. While you can replace your part with a factory model there are some benefits to choosing an aftermarket part.

An aftermarket part means it’s not made by the original manufacturer.

Blue Headlight Bulbs Pros and Cons

Blue Headlight Bulbs

In more recent years, blue headlight bulbs have become more popular due to the rise of the luxury car purchases. Vehicles such as BMW and Mercedes Benz started putting xenon headlight bulbs in their cars as an added incentive to drivers already impressed with their immaculate car. Some of the brightest headlight bulbs, blue headlights have both pros and cons;

Silverstar Headlights vs HID

Silverstar Headlights

Silverstar headlights are not very much different from HID headlights such as xenon headlight bulbs. Silverstar headlights offer your vehicle a brighter approach to the road increasing the light’s beam up to 35% on down and side roads. This makes driving at night one of the easier tasks than it otherwise might be. Manufacturers such as Sylvania make different types of styles

Xenon Headlight Bulbs For BMW Review

Xenon Headlight Bulbs

Xenon headlight bulbs are high intensity bulbs that usually are found in luxury cars such as BMWs. These premium bulbs help the driver of the car see at night due to their xenon gas filling. Xenon headlight bulbs are some of the best headlight bulbs for BMWs due to their ability to reflect road signs and markings that are often missed with regular headlight bulbs.