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5 Best Fuel Efficient Diesel Cars

Fuel Efficient Diesel Cars

Fuel efficiency is a huge factor many drivers want to consider when buying a new car. As gas prices fluctuate between ridiculous and absurd finding the best fuel efficient cars can save you a ton of money at the pump.

Top 10 Fuel Efficient Trucks

Fuel Efficient Trucks

Efficiency in a truck is what many drivers look for. The automobile fan finds comfort in affordable prices for energy efficient cars, and fuel efficient trucks. Auto fanatics also enjoy fuel efficient diesel cars as they provide adequate gas mileage and style as well. Every pickup pro loves a good fuel efficient truck. Here are the top 10 fuel efficient trucks for 2011.

Top 10 Fuel Efficient Used Cars

Fuel Efficient Used Cars

With a challenging economy and rising fuel cost, many consumers are turning to fuel efficient used cars when considering their purchasing decisions. Some of the best fuel efficient cars and energy efficient cars are among those who deserve a spot on the top fuel efficient used cars list. Here’s a snapshot of a few.