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Testing Car Battery – Tests Types And Results

Most people who have difficulty starting their car usually begin with replacing their battery. While this may be the problem on some occasions, you could be throwing away a significant amount of money. Testing your car battery is an easy way to ensure whether or not the battery is the cause of your cars sudden failure to turn over. Vehicles usually contain a starting, lighting ignition (SLI) battery which initiates a cranking, or shallow cycle that provides a surge of

Best Car Batteries For Hot Weather – Top 5 Picks!

Best Car Batteries

Hot temperatures are one culprit that can sap your battery’s life. If you live in an area where it’s warm all year round you may grow tired of having to change your part regularly. To save you money and time here are some ways to get the most out of your batteries.

While you cannot control the climate you can improve the condition of your part.

Top 10 Interesting Electric Car Facts

Electric Car Facts

One type of vehicle that has been drawing interest for years is electric cars. The reason for this is they are the wave of the future as they run on charges, are better for the environment and can save drivers a ton of money, which includes tax breaks and savings for not going to the pump. As more manufacturers are making these

Energizer Car Battery Dealers and Distributors

Energizer Car Battery

When shopping for batteries, it’s important to comparison shop as it can help you determine which brands have the best car batteries. One brand that may rise to the top of your list is Energizer.

An Energizer car battery offers drivers the best in quality.

Car Battery Replacement DIY Guide

Car Battery Replacement

Doing a car battery replacement is a simple procedure that can save you time and money. When doing this installation it’s important to locate and know all the components as this can ensure you do a successful job while keeping you safe.

To start, inspect your part to make sure a car battery replacement is needed.

Solar Car Battery Charger Review

Solar Car Battery Charger

Solar car batteries are renewable alternative to the usual car battery. More tolerant in relation to the typical car batteries, solar car batteries are similar to electric car batteries in that they use other means that the chemical mixture. There is minimal discharge that occurs with solar car batteries, also. For the environmentally conscious and green individual, a solar car battery is the optimum choice.

Electric Car Batteries Technology

Electric Car Batteries Technology

The electric car is a whirlwind of innovative technology, where the motor gets its stamina from a controller. A controller controls the amount of force that is applied to the electric car, thereby determining how fast the car will go. Growing buzz, gossip and rumors about future electric cars have become center stage lately, especially with the emergence of hybrid vehicles.