Shocks For Trucks with Lifts – When To Change?

Many heavy duty vehicles need to be lifted in order to get the maximum power out of the machine, and in these cases, the shocks for trucks might need to be replaced. This is not always an easy thing to do, and the majority of transit drivers do not want to replace these too often. The amount of lift required will depend upon whether the shocks and struts need to be changed immediately, or can be left for a certain amount of time. It is important to remember that anyone using lifts and ignoring these shocks and struts should remember that they are essential for the truck suspension, and the truck might be seriously disabled if they are not correctly fitted.

The most important consideration when deciding whether the shocks for lifted trucks need to be changed is the position of the lift. Trucks can, in fact, be change quite significantly by lifting up the front, but there will be no need to replace either the coils or the suspension parts themselves if the position of the lift does not alter the geography. This is important when it comes to considering how much of the truck should be lifted.

The most important position to be considered when looking at shocks for trucks is a lift at the rear. Anything more than 3″ lifts will mean that the shocks and air struts will have to be adjusted. The ordinary truck suspension parts will not support a lift of this size, and so it will be necessary to buy specialist items and install them before the newly lifted vehicle is safe to drive. This can be annoying, particularly if the shorter parts have recently been replaced, but it is essential to ensure that the heavy duty vehicle is stable.

If the driver does need to change the shocks in order to ensure that the vehicle is safe, then it might be worth considering adding off road shocks for trucks, or even those for 4wd vehicles. These can be very smooth, and should be able to take the additional weight of a lifted cab or rear. The most important thing to do would be to read the manufacturer’s directions on the kit, as this will prevent mistakes being made, and ensure that the purchased suspension parts are suitable for use.

The right shocks for trucks can make an enormous difference to the feel and management of the vehicle, and drivers will notice the improvement immediately once they get onto the road. Well-lifted trucks deserve the benefits that the right types of suspension can provide, and this means buying new shocks if they are needed. A suitable spring and coil, with the right kind of lift, can generate a smooth and comfortable ride for the driver, and also keep the truck stable when it is going over rough ground. Drivers should always consult with a mechanic before undertaking something like this, and they should also buy the right gear in order to maximize the benefit of the lift.