Serpentine Belt Replacement Cost – DIY vs Service!

Serpentine Belt Replacement Cost

Like all components on a vehicle, you can notice signs as to when it’s time to do a timing belt replacement. To accomplish this, you’ll want to inspect your components regularly as this can help you spot broken timing belt symptoms. Regular inspections can also help you reduce your serpentine belt replacement cost, as you can address problems more quickly, which could eliminate the need for a replacement in some instances.

One of the more obvious ways to know there is a problem is if your car makes a funny rattling noise. Typically, this happens when there is too much pressure on the tension belt. The timing belt tensioner noise could also signify there’s a crack to the belt.

Additionally, by looking at your serpentine belt you can notice signs of wear. If you happen to notice there are cracks all around the component, then you know it’s time for a replacement soon.

You have several options when this happens. One, you can take it to a mechanic to fix it or you can do it yourself. The replacement cost will be a huge factor in your decision.

The serpentine belt cost on its own isn’t bad as you can find the part for under a $100. However, if you decide to take it to a mechanic you will also have to pay for labor, which depending on your vehicle could easily run you a couple hundred dollars. If the serpentine belt replacement cost isn’t a factor and you don’t feel comfortable doing the installation, then taking it to a mechanic would be ideal.

Meanwhile, if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, you can do the installation. Again, depending on your vehicle type, the process can range from easy to difficult depending on the belt‘s accessibility. Even if the installation is trickier, you can have satisfaction in knowing you are saving money on serpentine belt replacement cost.

Ultimately, the best way to save money on serpentine belt replacement cost is to inspect your components regularly. Since the belt is a vital part in your ride that helps other systems run at peak condition, spotting problems quickly can ensure you address the problem before others arise. If you need to do a belt replacement, doing it yourself can save you hundreds of dollars in labor costs. However, if you feel uncomfortable doing this extensive repair and don’t mind forking over additional cash, then a reputable mechanic is just as good.

Please also watch this informational video about how to replace serpentine belt on a Chevy as a good DIY example: