Power Steering Hose Leak – What Tools Do I Need To Fix It?

Power Steering Hose

There are many ways to determine whether your power steering hose has a leak. You could be driving and notice it’s harder to make a turn, you could spot a sizable puddle under your car or you can come across it when inspecting your part. If you notice a leak, don’t drive your car and fix the problem right away.

When you go to repair the leak, having the right tools will make the job much easier.

To begin, you’ll want to inspect your power steering hose to determine where the damaged part is. Once you find it, you’ll want to take a knife and cut away the damaged portion. You’ll also want hose clamps on hand as they will help you repair the power steering hose quickly. Additionally, you will want to have brass knobs on the clamps as they will connect the hose together.

There may also be the situation where your hose cannot be fixed and must be replaced. This is normally the case when you see the rubber from it is worn out or there is damage in multiple areas. If you are unsure as to whether a hose can be fixed or needs replaced consult your mechanic as they can provide the best advice.

When inspecting your power steering hose you’ll also want to check the other components for damage. You can check your power steering pump and other parts to make sure they are in working condition. You will also want to refill the power steering reservoir to compensate for all the fluid you lost during the leak. By inspecting your components regularly it can clue you in as to when your car needs power steering repair.

Ultimately, unlike the pump, which will make a power steering pump noise when something is wrong, the hose is different. Typically, you can identify the problem when you try to turn your car and notice the steering is tight. To prevent this from happening, check your parts regularly as this can help you spot problems early that way you don’t become stranded on the road.