Portable DVD Player Car Mount – Between Seats vs Headrest!

Portable DVD Player Car Mount

If you are looking to entertain your passengers a portable car DVD player is an excellent way to accomplish this. These come in a variety of sizes and mounting options, which gives you the ability to customize it based on your needs.

One of the more popular portable DVD player car mount options is attaching the player to a headrest. Many brands carry this type of units where you use a bracket to attach it to the back of the headrest. Vizualogic has the best car DVD player that mounts this way, which leads to a quick and easy installation while providing you with excellent benefits like dual DVD players for the car and wireless headphones.

While many people like this type of portable DVD car mount, others enjoy the between the seats option. This is perfect for those that may have small children and want to use the video player in more than just the vehicle. These units come with a strap that secures the player so you can use it as a car DVD player headrest or you can remove the strap and watch between your seats. Best of all, installation for these parts are affordable and installation is easy.

When deciding which portable DVD player car mount is best for you, you will want to begin by determining what its primary uses will be. If you are looking to use it solely in the vehicle, a headrest mount will be more sufficient whereas if you want more portability then the in between the seats mount will be more suitable.

Once you have decided on which one works better for you, there are many places you can buy a portable DVD player car mount. The internet has many retailers that offer these thereby giving you a wide selection to choose from while providing you with affordable prices. One of the best websites to visit is Amazon as they have an ever changing inventory that includes all the top brands, often at discount prices.

Along with online retailers, you can stop by department stores like Sears that have automotive departments. There you can find these units and any other entertainment accessories you will need for your ride.