Michelin Wiper Blades Review – Stealth, Radius or Optimum?

Michelin Wiper Blades

When you are in the market for new windshield wiper blades, it’s important to select from a reputable manufacturer as they can provide drivers with better products. As such, some of the best on the market are Michelin wiper blades.

Michelin wiper blades offer drivers the best in innovation and safety. What’s great about these is they are adaptable so they accommodate most vehicle types. Another good aspect of Michelin wiper blades are they come in many different styles, which can help drivers find the right one for them. Perhaps most important for drivers is knowing that when they buy from Michelin, they are buying from a reputable manufacturer that has many years of experience in the field.

As you go to select your new blades, you’ll notice three different types available. Here is a look at what each model offers drivers.

The Stealth model is an inexpensive yet very effective wiper blade. The idea behind this model is the super flex design as it fits better on most windshield surfaces thereby helping to remove more precipitation. Further, these are excellent in winter weather as it prevents snow build up.

For drivers looking for all weather performance, the Optimum Michelin wiper blades are one of the best wiper blades to buy. The frameless design coupled with the rubble blade infused with graphite will protect drivers regardless of what weather they come across. They are also easy to install and with a cheap price tag, this could be the ideal buy for drivers.

Lastly and best of the three are the radius wipers. These have a revolutionary design that helps the blades hug the windshield better. In turn, this leads to a streak less swipe that you may not find on other brands with similar designs.

Ultimately, all three offer many benefits to drivers, but the radius model is just a step above the rest due to its unique design and performance. To buy any of these three you can stop by your local auto parts store or visit online retailers like Amazon where you can find other items like Toyota wiper blades and wiper blade refills.