Mazda Crossover Review – Which One To Choose?

Mazda Crossover

When shopping for the best crossover vehicles, you will want to buy from a brand with a great reputation that produces exceptional cars. Therefore, one of the best brands to buy from is Mazda.

Mazda has a reputation for making stylish rides that are affordable and come equipped with great safety and technological innovations. Currently, there are two Mazda crossover vehicles to consider, they are the CX5 and the CX9.

Let’s start with the Mazda crossover CX5. This model comes equipped with a four-cylinder engine that blasts out 155 hp, therefore making it big on power while allowing it to be fuel-efficient. Additionally, you will find the interior roomy, as it seats five comfortably while also providing ample cargo space. The interior also features a Bluetooth hands-free phone, excellent speakers and a CD player. Lastly, the safety features in this model are outstanding, as it comes with a traction control system, which will make it much easier to control your steering regardless of the climate.

Meanwhile, the Mazda crossover CX9 comes equipped with a powerful six-cylinder engine that cranks out 273 hp while also being fuel-efficient. The seven-passenger interior is luxurious in space and has many cool features like heated front seats, a Bose audio system and DVD rear entertainment system. Best of all, the safety features on this Mazda crossover model are outstanding as it comes with Roll Stability Control and Dynamic Stability Control. You can also add nice touches like a Mazda CX9 roof rack.

When comparing the two models it’s important to know what your needs are, as this can help determine which model is best for you. For most families, they will likely need the CX9 because it provides a roomy interior with excellent safety features. However, if price is a concern the CX5 might be the better option, as the Mazda CX9 price begins $29,725 for the sport model. Meanwhile, the CX5 model price begins under $21,000.

Ultimately, either model you choose you will love. The sporty design, innovative safety features and excellent entertainment accessories make these just as desirable if not more so than Honda crossover vehicles. To find the best deal on either model, be sure to stop by your local dealership, as you can test drive each to see which one is the best for you.