How Often You Need To Change Brake Pads?

Change Brake Pads

Knowing when to change brake pads is critical for all drivers as this can ensure your safety. Over time, your pads will whittle down due to normal wear and tear. As they thin, they lose their effectiveness thereby making it harder for the brakes to work properly. If left unchanged, they can pose a serious safety risk.

To learn if your brake pads need to be changed here are several steps to follow.

You can start by doing a visual inspection. On many models you can view the car’s pads through the wheel rim openings. However; you may want to remove the tire to gain a better look. Next, you’ll want to measure the thickness of the pads. If they are thicker than 1/4 inch, you are in good shape whereas anything less than this will require you to change brake pads soon.

You can also determine whether it’s time to change them by listening to your car. All pads have a built in security that alert drivers when it’s time for new ones. Typically, when they wear way down you will hear a high pitched squeal every time you brake. Once you hear this noise, it’s time to change brake pads.

If you don’t know how to replace brake pads you can take it to a mechanic as many give discounts on this kind of work. They can inspect your car to see which areas need addressed as well as replace whatever components you need.

You can also go to an auto parts store and buy the equipment to change brake pads yourself. Most stores like Advance Auto Parts will have all the accessories you need such as front brake pads or ceramic brake pads, so you can finish your job. Best of all, they have a knowledgeable staff that can give you pointers on how to do the change.

Ultimately, by doing regular checks on your vehicle, it can alert you to when maintenance needs to be done. This is especially the case for braking. By following these steps you’ll know when it’s necessary to change brake pads, which can help keep you safe on the road.