Heavy Duty Truck Shock Absorbers Review

Anyone who drives a heavy duty vehicle will need to have truck shock absorbers. These are designed to help the truck to do more, rather than just balancing on the suspension, they are also good at ensuring that handling of the trucks is good, even at high speeds or on wet highways. These heavy duty vehicles are intended to be worked hard, and so the shocks for trucks must also be able to work hard and last through the toughest of conditions.

Many drivers agree that the best types of truck shock absorbers are from the Bilstein stable. This company work hard to make sure that their shocks are hard-working and long lasting, but they are also not adjustable, which means that there are less moving parts to fail or cause problems. The fact that there are so few of the suspension parts which often fail means that these pieces will often last for years. In fact, they might even outlast the truck itself. This is pretty important in a vehicle which needs plenty of shock absorption even when driving on fairly even ground.

Monroe also does a range of truck shock absorbers, which might be what the driver wants. They are considered almost to be equal with Bilstein in terms of comfort and smoothness, although Monroe’s might be much smoother. However, reports suggest that these absorbers might be less long-lasting than the Bilstein version, and they also lack the emergency controls of the latter. This could be a serious consideration for those who drive their vehicles long distances, and want to have the maximum control possible. There is a significant deterioration in the performance of Monroe’s after about 20,000 miles, and this could mean regular replacements for the working trucker.

Gabriel shock absorbers are the basic standards against which all other types of truck suspension is judged. They have been there since the start, with the first company founded in 1900 by a keen trombone player who developed suspension systems. They created the first in almost every kind of shock-absorber event, from the hydraulic to the adjustable, to the air, and even the first position sensitive suspension. This makes it one of only a few companies that are able to stand up to the reputation of Monroe and Bilstein. They should also not be underestimated for their own creations, producing reliable and comfortable shock absorbers for heavy duty vehicles.

RoadKing also provide a reliable set of shock absorbers, and unlike many kits, they can last for longer, some even going for more than 400,000 miles between replacements. This can make them very valuable to drivers, and to anyone who needs to have a good, hard working shock absorber without the pressure of having to replace them every 30,000 miles or so. RoadKing also make their parts out of Steel and Aluminum, to provide stronger, more longer-lasting power, with more than 4 thousand pounds of damping for wheels and axles significantly reducing the vibrations in the vehicles.