Harley Davidson Street Glide Review

Harley Davidson Street Glide

If you are in the market for a new bike you already know Harley Davidson motorcycles are some of the best on the market. Depending on your riding experience and use, you will want to select a model that will be most beneficial to you. This may mean comparing certain models like the Harley Davidson Fat Boy to the Harley Davidson Road King to see which one would be the better choice. Further, you may find a better option in the Harley Davidson Street Glide.

The Harley Davidson Street Glide is sleek in appearance, but boasts a refined style that will turn heads. The frame pays homage to past models as instead of bent tubing, they employ strong castings. This gives the frame a tight feel that will hug the corners better. Best of all, the acceleration is fierce, making this an exhilarating ride for bikers.

Along with the frame, the Harley Davidson Street Glide has many other features that set it apart from the rest. They designed each component to give the bike a classic look. Take their six gallon fuel tank as an example. While it certainly holds more gas, which will help the biker have more time on the road and fewer pit stops, the precision tank is designed to be sharp in appearance and proudly show the Harley Davidson brand. It’s the little details such as these that make this a must have bike.

Another huge benefit to the Harley Davidson Street Glide is its handling. The low weight makes this a better bike to maneuver, especially if you are wanting to jet around corners. The low speed maneuverability makes this a fun bike to take out for a drive. Additionally, the Brembo brakes ensure you can stop quickly, regardless of your speed. The dual front rotor brake system is top of the line and will give bikers confidence in knowing the bike was designed with their safety in mind.

For any biker, comfort is a huge factor as this bike came designed with this in mind. The Engine Idle Temperature Management Strategy is awesome in that when you are idling it cuts the fire from the rear cylinder, which will make your seats much cooler.

Ultimately, if you are looking for a zippy bike that has a classic look and sporty ride performance, then this is the model for you. Harley Davidson designed this bike with many excellent features that make this the ideal model for bikers.

If you are looking to try one on for size you can stop by a dealership. While there, you can find many other components to equip your ride like a Harley Davidson exhaust.