Harley Davidson Jackets – Top 10 Choices!

Harley Davidson Jackets

Once you bought your dream bike, you can find many accessories that will make your ride more enjoyable. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to find Harley Davidson clothes that will keep you comfortable on your trip. As such, buying a Harley Davidson jacket can help protect you on long drives. Here is a look at the ten best.

1. The Men’s FXRG Rain Jacket has waterproof material that way you stay dry when driving through rough weather. Best of all, this is a lightweight Harley Davidson jacket so it’s ideal for most weather conditions.

2. The Men’s FXRG Leather Jacket with Pocket System makes the list due to its durable construction. The heavyweight leather at the shoulder and elbows makes it abrasion resistant while also giving you a safe place to store items in its waterproof pockets.

3. A stylish option is the Men’s FXRG Midweight Leather Jacket. It’s waterproof and features a lining that adjusts to your body temperature, so you can remain comfortable on long trips.

4. Another great choice is the Men’s Tradition Leather Jacket, as it combines the timeless look of the biker with the added benefit of armor at the elbows and shoulders, thereby ensuring more durability.

5. Meanwhile, women can find a stylish and functional Harley Davidson jacket. One of the best is the Women’s FXRG Functional Jacket. This has many benefits ranging from waterproof material to a mesh lining that will keep you comfortable.

6. Another excellent Harley Davidson jacket to buy is the Women’s FXRG Leather Jacket, as it combines a sleek look with great benefits. Included in this is a removable lightweight liner that you can remove and wear as a separate jacket.

7. A stylish option is the Women’s Cambria Leather Jacket. This features cowhide leather material and body armors at the elbows and shoulders while also having curved sleeves, giving this Harley Davidson jacket a contemporary look.

8. The Women’s Pacer 3-in-1 Leather Jacket combines many different features that women will love. Included in this is a removable fleece hoodie, which you can wear separately, as well as extended cuffs that prevent air from moving up your sleeves.

9. The Women’s Miss Enthusiast 3-in-1 Leather Jacket offers a unique pocket system that is waterproof, thereby giving you a safe place to store your items.

10. Lastly, Harley Davidson also offers youth jackets. The Youth Tradition Jacket comes with body armor at the elbow and shoulder area while also having a Mandarin collar to keep them warm.

You can find all of these online or at any Harley Davidson store. While there, check out all the Harley Davidson motorcycles they have available as well as any accessories you may need like Harley Davidson boots or Harley Davidson helmets.