Ford Small SUV Escape Review: Pros and Cons

Ford Small SUV Escape

There are two things you should do before selecting your next car. The first is to determine what purposes your new vehicle will have. You’ll also want to weigh that model’s pros and cons.

When buying any vehicle it’s important to investigate the benefits and drawbacks of that specific model. This will help you determine whether the vehicle is a suitable fit for you.

If you are looking to buy a Ford small SUV chances are you have given the Ford Escape a look. Here are some factors to determine whether the Escape is the best small SUV for you.

Many drivers like this model because of its size. The small Ford Escape dimensions help the car have excellent fuel economy.

Along with its size, many enjoy other features this Ford small SUV has. It has a zippy four cylinder engine that provides a good boost while not burning through gas quickly. The car is great for gadget lovers as it has a high tech entertainment system while others will love the automated parking option.

Meanwhile, there are several Ford Escape problems.

For one, the design doesn’t compare to similar models. Many of the other car manufacturers have created sportier and sleeker versions that may attract drivers away from the Escape. Furthermore, the rear seat doesn’t recline, which can be problematic for those wanting to store items during transport. Lastly, Edmund’s states the performance from the rear drum brakes is poor.

As you can see there are many benefits and some drawbacks to this Ford small SUV. Depending on your preferences, this could be an excellent choice as it’s fuel efficient, easy to drive and has many fun entertainment options.

There are many models of the Escape available. They range from the more basic end model like the XLS to the Limited that includes such nifty features like Bluetooth and iPod input. They also have a Ford Escape Hybrid that can get up to 34 MPG. If you decide to buy a Ford small SUV, the Escape is a great choice you’ll enjoy for years to come.