Flowmaster Muffler Differences – Models and Prices!

Flowmaster Muffler

When shopping for a new muffler, you’ll want to buy one from a company that has a history of producing excellent parts. This will ensure you receive quality equipment that will stand up to any punishment you put it through. One of the best brands to buy is Flowmaster mufflers as they have a great selection of equipment for a wide variety of vehicles.

Flowmaster mufflers come in big block series. Their largest model is the 50 series Big Block, which is ideal for large SUVs, trucks and towing vehicles. Additionally, this stainless steel muffler features a Resonance Tuning Chamber that eliminates interior resonance. The result is an excellent performing muffler that drivers can buy for just over $200.

Another popular model is the 60 Series Delta Flow. These Flowmaster mufflers are perfect for drivers that have four or six cylinder engines. Additionally, they are great on performance as they help to improve fuel efficiency while creating a smooth and quiet driving experience. Though these are a little pricier as they retail for $145, they are well worth the money for the performance and durability they offer drivers.

Lastly, truck drivers will enjoy the 50 Series HD. These Flowmaster mufflers have a large case, which can help improve fuel efficiency, torque and towing power. Made from aluminum steel, drivers can be assured that this part will hold up to the rigors of any driving condition. With a retail price of $235, drivers will receive an excellent product that will be worth their investment long term.

When comparing muffler prices with competing brands, they fare favorably as their mufflers perform well over the long haul. Regardless of which model you buy, you can feel confident in knowing that Flowmaster parts can improve your driving experience and offer you superior durability.

If you are interested in buying one you can visit their website to see all the models they offer drivers. While on the site, you can also buy other accessories like muffler clamps and exhaust pipes.