Exhaust Tips For Trucks – Black vs Stainless Steel

Exhaust Tips For Trucks

Adding components to your truck is a fun and great way to add visual appeal to your ride. Best of all, you don’t have to go to great expense to accomplish this.

A small but great way to add a good-looking component to your truck is to buy exhaust tips for trucks. As many manufacturers make these in different materials here is a look at which muffler tips are most beneficial for you.

For starters, you will find exhaust tips for trucks are made with durable materials like steel. The reason for this is steel can withstand the rigors of daily driving, thereby providing you with the best durability. Steel also provides a sharp design accent, which will compliment your truck well. Now, if you are choosing between black exhaust tips for trucks or stainless steel exhaust tips here are some things to consider.

Many of the tips, like the Jones Exhaust IRA312212-BV are black, but also feature steel construction. This means you can receive the sleek look black exhaust tips for trucks have while also enjoying a durable product that can hold up over the long haul. What’s also appealing about these is their price, as you can buy them for under $30.

Meanwhile, stainless steel tips are just as dependable as black ones and are less expensive. Summit Racing’s model SUM-690052 features a stainless steel construction and can come in either straight or slant cut. Additionally, these are durable and add an excellent looking component to your truck that will have people taking attention. Furthermore, these retail for under $22 making them a little less expensive than their black counterparts.

Ultimately, buying exhaust tips are a great way to add some flair to your ride for little cost. Since the price difference is negligible, and both offer many of the same features, it’s up to you which model would look best on your ride.

When you go to buy some, be sure to visit a reputable retailer like Summit Racing, who provides wide offerings of vehicle parts. Along with buying tips, you can find exhaust clamps and high performance exhaust pipes, which could be more great additions to compliment the look of your ride.