DYI Power Steering Rack Rebuild After Leak

Power Steering Rack

When inspecting your vehicle’s parts you may come across a power steering rack leak. If this is the case here are the steps you need to take to rebuild your power steering rack.

The first is to identify the problem, then make sure you buy the right replacement part. As there are different parts for different modelsbe sure to consult a mechanic or expert that can help you select the best equipment for your vehicle with electric power steering. Next, you need to have a clean workspace with plenty of room to do the job.

You begin by removing the old power steering rack from your car. Once you do set it to the side then remove the old seals being mindful of where you set them, so you won’t mistake them for new ones.

Next, you will want to remove the hard line and the locking collar. From there take off the rubber boot that is on top of the tower and remove the three bolts. After this you will want to grab the steering gear and turn it counter clockwise as this will allow you to pull the rod out.

Now you want to remove the steering gear. After removing it you want to replace the seals. Next you will want to remove the wiper seal from the gear carefully while also replacing the o ring in the control tower.

From here you want to remove the shuttle from the steering shaft. You will also want to replace the seals and spacer on this as well. Once you have replaced all the seals you will want to do the opposite of these steps for installation.

As you can see rebuilding a power steering rack is quite an involved process that takes much attention to detail and time. If you are confident you can get the job done then this can save you much money as opposed to going to a shop.

When going through the process of rebuilding your power steering rack, check your other components like your steering wheel puller to ensure everything is working in top condition. Additionally you’ll want to make regular inspections like checking the level of your power steering fluid to make sure there are no leaks.

Ultimately, this is a tough rebuild, but it can be done with the right tools and confidence.