Dodge Ram Transmission Problems and Rebuild Cost

Dodge Ram Transmission

Owners of Dodge Rams love the truck’s power and rugged style. However, throughout the years there has been Dodge Ram transmission problems that have arose, ranging from minor repairs to major fixes that often requires transmission rebuild kits. Here are some problems to look for with this truck.

Dodge offers different types of transmissions for this model, including automatic and manual options. Some of the Dodge Ram transmission problems that have come up for manual owners are the gears grind when shifting and a transmission that leaks often. Meanwhile, for automatic transmissions, drivers have encountered sudden shifts and leaky parts. There was a recall for some models, particularly the Ram models made in the early 2000s, as many had faulty fasteners.

Dodge Ram transmission problems like these are typically minor and a mechanic can fix them quickly. However, some of these, if ignored could become huge problems that could strand you in traffic, which could put you and fellow drivers’ safety in jeopardy.

Fixing your Dodge transmission can vary in price depending on the problem. While some minor repairs can run you up to a couple hundred dollars, if you have to replace the part it could easily run you thousands. Alternatively, you could also put in an aftermarket or used part, which costs around half of what a new part would. You can find many like used Ford transmissions or Dodge transmission parts at online retailers or automotive stores.

It’s important to note that your warranty may cover some of the costs. You should read your warranty’s details to see what it covers and if you have any questions contact your dealer, as they will be able to help you determine if you have coverage for the repair.

Even with some of the transmission problems, Dodge Rams are great trucks to drive. While most of the problems that occur are minor, it’s important to address these quickly or you could have to replace the entire part, which would be expensive. It’s also important to inspect your Dodge Ram transmission regularly to make sure it’s operating properly; as this can help you spot trouble signs before they occur.