Choosing Car Seats For Infants Tips

Unless you are going to carry your infant home from the hospital, one of the most important safety devices you will need to purchase is a car seat. Car seats for infants come in a variety of designs specifically constructed for infants based on height, weight and age. If you are shopping for an infant car seat, there are several important features to research and look for to ensure you are choosing not only the safest car seat, but one that can be versatile and easy to transport. Also be sure to check the car seat regulations for your state, they aren’t nationally universal and if your child isn’t properly secured or in the right type of car seat you could be fined or ticketed.

Obviously, the first characteristics to look at are the safety features. Car seats for infants are designed and crash tested for front, rear and side impact. A good car seat will absorb a blow from a crash with its high tech energy absorbing foam, reducing the impact felt by your baby. It should also have a 5 point adjustable safety harness and a cushion head support that can be removed as your baby grows. For newborns and infants between 5lbs and 30lbs the car seat should be rear facing. Front facing car seats for infants under 30lbs is not legal in most states.  It is also imperative to know that every car seat, no matter the brand or cost is only designed to absorb the impact from one accident. After an accident a new car seat should be purchased.

Another tip for choosing the right car seat for your baby is its versatility and ease of use. Most car seats for infants are rear facing and can be used as part of a travel system. These light weight infant car seats can be attached to a stroller and also have a base that can be left in your automobile for the seat to attach to. This allows for you to remove the baby from the car or the stroller without taking them out of the seat. This is especially handy if your baby is sleeping and you don’t want to wake them up. For complete versatility in the car, you may want to choose a convertible car seat. These car seats are made to be rear facing until your baby is a year old, or weighs more than 30lbs, and can then be turned around to face forward until the baby is over 40lbs. The disadvantage that comes with the convertible model is that they cannot be used as a carrier. There is no fixed base within the car and it is much more difficult to move the seat from vehicle to vehicle.

Lastly, if the car seats for infants you are looking for are top rated for both safety and convenience, you may want to see which one has the best luxury pieces in terms of canopies, handle designs and which seat is easily compatible with a car seat cover. Some people prefer a canopy to block out direct sunrays. Another item that is preferred is the newer models that have handles that are parallel to your hips so you don’t have to twist your arm to carry your baby around in its seat. Companies are also designing covers that fit tightly around the car seat that will block out any weather and doesn’t get in the way of the car seat buckles. Some car seat covers for infants have a flap that can be lifted to check on the infant. Once the baby is in the car, these covers should be removed for safety. If you are pregnant, or know someone that is pregnant and looking for a car seat, be sure to do your research to ensure you are meeting the safety requirements and getting the best price for your family’s needs.