Cheap Used Transmissions – Are They Worth Buying?

Cheap Used Transmissions

If you are seeking to cut your transmission buying cost, going the cheap used transmissions route may be the best way to go. Many automobile companies and parts distributors sell cheap used transmissions at affordable prices. All cheap used transmissions usually come with a guaranteed warranty, as each automaker has vigorously tested each and everyone of their remanufactured transmissions and recycled transmissions. Used transmission prices are often half the price of a new transmission. Most cheap used transmission companies are environmentally friendly in their approach and make certain that you will never be overcharged or charged more than the normal going rate for a used transmission. Sometimes a new transmission is needed if your current transmission has started exhibiting failure symptoms or if the transmission flush has been tried and failed to help with your problem. The question though is whether a cheap used transmission is worth buying over a new one. Here are a few pros and cons of cheap used transmissions.


1. Inexpensiveness is one of the main objectives of any cheap used transmission purchase.

2. Fast shipping or in-factory installation making your trip to the auto shop a better one.

3. Many companies have rebuilt transfer cases that may be of advantage along your cheap used transmission voyage.


1. You may end up paying more in the long run if the cheap used transmission does not work out.

2. Certain warranties are not as long. Problems may not necessarily arise within the first year or so.

3. You may not need a cheap used transmission at all, just a new part in your transmission.

Transmission buying is an important process. Many online dealers offer reasonable priced and equable pricing, with exceptional positives regarding their cheap used transmissions. Ultimately, it is essential that you research each and every place you are seeking when determining the right option for your transmission replacement. Read more about pros and cons of buying used transmission for Ford and Chevy models on our site.