Cheap Car Batteries Pros and Cons

Cheap Car Batteries

It is absolutely essential to do some research when you are considering purchasing cheap car batteries. While there are several different kinds being marketed and sold out there, cheap car batteries expectation isn’t always what one expected it to be. Knowing what a car battery does is equally important when considering purchasing cheap car batteries. A typical car battery has energy in it that is a mixture of acid chemicals. These chemicals turn into electrical current once the battery is installed in a vehicle that allows the other parts of the car to start such as the engine, radio and air conditioner. There are some reasonably priced cheap car batteries out there that range from $50 and up. Cheap car batteries do have some pros and cons that are worth it to know. Here is a list of a few so you are well informed and do not end up needing a car battery replacement.


1. Cheap car batteries are relatively inexpensive.

2. Can be quite durable in car battery life expectancy.

3. Dealers and auto shops will often install them for free.

4. Can be purchased online through a massive amount of websites, including Advanced Auto Parts, Walmart, AutoZone, AutoAnything, which sells stellar brand batteries such as the Energizer car battery, AC Delco, Optima and Kirkland Signature and battery chargers such as the solar car battery charger.

5. Often last just as long as new car batteries, if not longer if barely used.

6. Do not require the added cost of solar car battery chargers if they breakdown.


1. Sometimes require a lot more maintenance than a new battery would.

2. Can cost as much as a new one.

3. Usually more prone to acid spilling.

4. Environmental issues often arise from a used car battery more so than a newer one.

5. Corrosion.

6. The battery becomes useless due to biochemical sulfation.