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Top 10 Interesting Electric Car Facts

Electric Car Facts

One type of vehicle that has been drawing interest for years is electric cars. The reason for this is they are the wave of the future as they run on charges, are better for the environment and can save drivers a ton of money, which includes tax breaks and savings for not going to the pump. As more manufacturers are making these

Used Electric Cars For Sale in The US – Save Money by Going Green!

Used Electric Cars

Used electric cars are perfect for drivers that want a great deal on an eco-friendly vehicle. Additionally, you will the love the many electric car facts such as a quieter engine, less pollution and they don’t cost as much to drive. With that said, finding them can be a challenge so here are some tips to helping you find these.

5 Best Fuel Efficient Diesel Cars

Fuel Efficient Diesel Cars

Fuel efficiency is a huge factor many drivers want to consider when buying a new car. As gas prices fluctuate between ridiculous and absurd finding the best fuel efficient cars can save you a ton of money at the pump.

DIY Electric Car Conversion Kits

Electric Car Conversion Kits

Transform your vehicle today with a DIY Electric Car Conversion Kit. One of the hottest items for energy efficient zealots and environmental conscious cohorts, DIY Electric Car Conversion Kits are the king of inventions. By converting with a DIY Electric Car Conversion Kit, your gas bill is essentially dissolved, your vehicle engine will have a longer lasting and healthier life,

Top 10 Fuel Efficient Trucks

Fuel Efficient Trucks

Efficiency in a truck is what many drivers look for. The automobile fan finds comfort in affordable prices for energy efficient cars, and fuel efficient trucks. Auto fanatics also enjoy fuel efficient diesel cars as they provide adequate gas mileage and style as well. Every pickup pro loves a good fuel efficient truck. Here are the top 10 fuel efficient trucks for 2011.

Top 10 Fuel Efficient Used Cars

Fuel Efficient Used Cars

With a challenging economy and rising fuel cost, many consumers are turning to fuel efficient used cars when considering their purchasing decisions. Some of the best fuel efficient cars and energy efficient cars are among those who deserve a spot on the top fuel efficient used cars list. Here’s a snapshot of a few.

Best Fuel Efficient Cars 2011

Best Fuel Efficient Cars

Fuel efficiency is just one of the priceless pieces of information that road drivers and highway auto enthusiasts look for in their vehicle. Here is a list of the best fuel efficient cars in 2011.

1. The Mini Cooper – this compact car zooms with a 4 cylinder, requires premium gasoline that gets highway mileage of 36 mpg.