Car Struts Comparison – Top 5 Brands!

Parts of the suspension may need replacing after 30,000 miles or so, and car struts are one part which may need to be changed regularly in order to ensure a comfortable ride. The difference between the various products in this area can be very extreme, and prices can also be rather changeable, depending upon where the parts are being sourced from, for example. In order to get the best for the money, it might be worth considering one of these top 5 brands.

1) Gabriel
When it comes to replacing struts, then Gabriel are a good place to start. This company have more experience in the field of shocks and struts than other businesses, having been working in the auto industry since the start of the 20th century. Their make is well recommended, and they provide reliable equipment for the modern driver, from off-road to sporty, and from compact vehicle to heavy duty truck, Gabriel can make car struts for any need.

2) Monroe
Another big hitter in the field of auto suspensions, the Monroe brand is one which is recognized all over the world. While some feel that the company has become less capable in recent years, it is a fact that they are still able to produce some of the best motor parts around, and ones that should be able to carry a car for a hundred thousand miles without being damaged or breaking. Auto drivers might consider Monroe’s suspension struts suitable for their vehicle, and they are certainly less costly than some of the other makes.

3) KYB
A relatively new brand of struts on a car, these are becoming better known due to word of mouth. They provide a great lifetime warranty, and they cost similar to both Gabriel and the Monroe products, which means that they are not bad value for money. Drivers should certainly consider that this is one of the best makers of struts for some time, and they are also a very smooth and comfortable ride, which is what most drivers are looking for in a car, after all. Their handling is also considered to be very good.

Once the go-to company for any kind of car parts, in recent years Bilstein has been overtaken by some of the younger companies on the list. However, what they still do better than any other company is exhaustive testing of the product. Unlike some of the other brands, buyers know that Bilstein’s front and rear struts have both been trailed, and adjustment made accordingly. This is essential information when the driver is looking for reliability and sold, well made products, rather than just the cheapest products available.

5) Rancho
For the driver who enjoys going off-road, it’s by far the most dependable maker of car struts. Their product is well-established, and drivers should consider their product if they want a suspension which bounces along, whether on the road, or on the grass. They are also good buys for lighter trucks or pickups.