Car Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air Intermittently – What To Do?

Car Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air

This happens to many people. You are driving along and notice your air conditioner is only blowing warm air. At first, it may not seem like a problem, but as it continues, it’s easy to see there are problems with the unit. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are experiencing a problem of car air conditioner blowing hot air.

First, the air conditioner may not be the problem. Some cars have a shut off feature that will disengage your car air conditioner compressor if your engine is under duress. This typically happens if the engine is too hot, so be sure to check your car’s temperature. If it’s hot in a situation of car air conditioner blowing hot air , then it’s an engine problem. If this is the case, be sure to take it into a mechanic as quickly as you can.

If this isn’t the case, the next car air conditioning troubleshooting tip is to see if there are any leaks. You can check for puddles under you car, as well as check the level of your Freon. If you notice it’s empty then refill and you should be good to go. You can find refill kits at many automotive stores. Additionally, some mechanics may offer specials for servicing, especially during the summer.

Another way to determine why you are faced with a problem of car air conditioner blowing hot air is to see when the unit blows warm air. If you notice that it initially vents out cold air, but over the drive goes to warmer air, then the problem is likely a frozen expansion pipe. When this happens, it restricts the flow of the air conditioner refrigerant in the line, which means there is a leak somewhere. Inspect the components to determine where the leak is and seal them.

Lastly, if none of these apply, it could be a broke compressor or an electrical problem. In either case find a reputable mechanic and bring it in for service.

Ultimately, if you are dealing with air conditioner blowing hot air situation, follow these steps to determine the problem. If you are uncomfortable doing the fix yourself, see a reputable mechanic. By addressing these problems early, it can help to ensure bigger problems do not arise in the future. Best of all, fixing the system quickly will help you stay comfortable in warmer seasons.