Brake Rotor Replacement – How Often Do I Need To Change Them?

Brake Rotor Replacement

Inspecting and changing the parts of your vehicle is a great and inexpensive way to ensure your ride stays in the best condition. Best of all, when you learn to inspect and do replacements yourself you can save a good chunk of money.

If you want to determine whether your car needs a brake rotor replacement here are some tips to assist you.

First, there are many websites that tout you should change your performance brake rotors at a certain mileage. With that said, there are many unique factors that are in play such as your driving style and terrain that can play pivotal roles in the process. While mileage timelines are a good rule of thumb to follow for inspections, it may not mean you need to do a brake rotor replacement either.

The next step in determining whether you need a brake rotor replacement is to inspect the parts. If you are replacing brake pads, this will be an excellent time to inspect your rotors too. To accomplish this you’ll want to remove the rotors then use a ruler to check for warping. To check for warping take the ruler and place it on the surface. This will let you know how flat it is as well as help you see any areas that have warped. Most rotors also come with a minimum thickness stamped on the part. You’ll want to measure this with a digital caliper to ensure it meets the minimum standards. If there is a warping or it is too thin you’ll want to replace the rotors.

To do a brake rotor replacement you’ll want to stop by your local auto parts store. There they can help you pick out a quality item like Brembo brake rotors, which can last on your ride for three years or 36,000 miles. While there you can pick up other components you may need to do the job.

Ultimately, the best way to determine whether a part needs to be replaced is by inspecting it. By following these procedures it can help you determine whether you need to replace your rotors. Furthermore, by doing inspections and installations on brake components yourself, you can save a chunk of change when you compare brake pads and rotors cost to labor costs at a shop.