Blue Headlight Bulbs Pros and Cons

Blue Headlight Bulbs

In more recent years, blue headlight bulbs have become more popular due to the rise of the luxury car purchases. Vehicles such as BMW and Mercedes Benz started putting xenon headlight bulbs in their cars as an added incentive to drivers already impressed with their immaculate car. Some of the brightest headlight bulbs, blue headlights have both pros and cons; as do all headlight bulbs. Here is a list of a few so you will know the next time you consider purchasing a blue headlight.


1. Brighten up the road on a dark night. Blue headlight bulbs such as the Silverstar headlights have been documented to let the light in up to 35% brighter than regular headlights.

2. Inexpensive – despite the thought that blue headlight bulbs maybe more expensive than regular ones, companies sell them cheap online and at reduced prices.

3. Usually have a year or more warranty – this is essential making them some of the best headlight bulbs you can find on the market.

4. Adds sumptuousness and lavishness to your car – you can typically purchase blue headlight bulbs for any vehicle, not necessarily a luxury one.


1. Many dissenters have questioned the legality of blue headlight bulbs.

2. Do not always last as long as regular headlights because of the xenon filling.

3. Vivid colors can become overwhelming.

4. Visibility varies from person to person, not from light to light.

Still blue headlight bulbs have become more and more fashionable because many drivers on the road view that the pros outweigh the cons. The stylish look of the bulb makes for a different impression of any vehicle, including luxury cars such as the BMW and Mercedes Benz. These bulbs seem to be head turners on the road as it makes people take a more noticeable effort to see what kind of car you are driving.