Best Shock Absorbers For Smooth Ride – Top 5 Picks!

The best shock absorbers are designed to help drivers to manage their vehicle in comfort and safety. These little devices are there to even out the bumps and lumps in the road, and ensure that these are not transferred to the driver’s compartment. Found in the suspension, shock absorbing material reduces the impact of the road’s surface, and prevents people riding in the car from feeling the ups and downs of the road. While there are many different types of shocks and struts, the very best should leave the car feeling as though it is being driven on air.

1)Koni Shock Absorbers
This company make the best shock absorbers for those who want to work their car hard. The components are made for a range of systems, including ordinary cars, racing motors, trucks and trailers, railway carriages and engines, and even industrial machines. This means that the company has an excellent idea of what needs to be done to create uncompromising suspension protection, and in fact there are several varieties, from the Classic to the EVD electronic adjustable shock absorbers.

2) Nordic
This supplier has a high-standard of shocks, using gas-powered cylinders to give a very soft experience. There are chrome pistons, rebound and compression valves for accurate suspension, and highly-designed tools which are meant to allow the vehicle to get the maximum lift when the vehicle travels over ruts and lumps.

3) Monroe Max
These are air shocks which are designed to support heavy-duty vehicles moving over bumpy roads. They can be very good truck shock absorbers, and their power can be changed from 20psi all the way up to 150psi, depending upon how full the truck is, and how many potholes there are in the road. They are reasonably priced, considering their specialization.

4) Four Wheel Parts
This company sells suspension lift kits allowing the user to move the suspension to a higher position. These kits often contain good absorbers, and the kits mean that the parts can be assembled by the owner of the car, rather than having to have it done in a car workshop. Customizing the car like this can give it a much better off-road performance, which is where good shocks can be vital to ensure that the driver gets a completely smooth ride.

5) Bilstein
Sometimes described as supplying the best shock absorbers for US markets, this company are able to provide suspension kits for fast city and road use, and have even been put onto racing vehicles. This means that they are one of the most preferred types of car shocks. Unlike most of their competitors, Bilstein do not have adjustable shocks, as these are considered to be the parts most likely to fail due to the amount of pressure on them. The company instead prefer to analyze and adjust their devices after testing, to create the best pistons and dampers for the vehicle. They also supply specially shortened devices which are useful for those who want more out of their vehicle suspension.