Best Mid Size Truck – Top 5 Picks By Experts!

Best Mid Size Truck

When shopping for your next set of wheels you may have a hard time choosing between the best mid size SUV and the best mid size truck. If interior storage isn’t an issue and you want more power under your hood then choosing a truck would be more suitable.

Here is a look at the five best mid size pickup trucks.

1. The Toyota Tacoma is a great choice as it boasts good fuel efficiency and great safety features. Further, this is one of the best mid size truck models due to its off-road capabilities and performance.

2. The Chevrolet Colorado is a good pick due to the many engine options customers have available to them. Along with this, the truck features a ZQ8 setup, which makes this feel more like driving a sports car than a truck.

3. Customers will love the Suzuki Equator as it has one of the best warranties among manufacturers. Additionally, this is a fun ride as it has a powerful V6 engine and an off road model that can handle a wide variety of difficult terrains.

4. One of the best mid size truck options is the Honda Ridgeline. It is a best bet as it comes with many features like a dual-action tailgate and a zippy engine that is fuel efficient. This model also has good storage compartments, which make this a functional and sporty choice for drivers.

5. Ford pickup trucks have a reputation for quality and dependability. Their new Ranger model stands apart from many in the pack due to its shiny and sleek exterior design. Furthermore, customers can choose from the pickup vehicle or buy the truck bed extender for better hauling capacity. This truck also boasts the choice between a manual and automatic transmission and a diesel engine, which offers better fuel efficiency. While the engine power won’t blow many away, there are plenty of features that make this model special.

These are the five best mid size truck vehicles as they offer drivers safety features that make these rides great buys. If you are looking to learn more about each model or compare them side by side stop by as they have a comparison tool that will make your research easier.