Best Fuel Efficient Cars 2011

Best Fuel Efficient Cars

Fuel efficiency is just one of the priceless pieces of information that road drivers and highway auto enthusiasts look for in their vehicle. Here is a list of the best fuel efficient cars in 2011.

1. The Mini Cooper – this compact car zooms with a 4 cylinder, requires premium gasoline that gets highway mileage of 36 mpg.

2. The Ford Fiesta – noted as being one of the best fuel efficient cars in 2011, the Ford Fiesta has front wheel drive and offers 29 mpg in the city and 40 mpg on the highway.

3. Kia Rondo – the midsize wagon in the Kia vehicle spectrum, this car is often included on top 10 safest cars lists and gives 27 mpg in highway driving.

4. Toyota Prius Hybrid – while not a best hybrid SUV, this hybrid sedan out zooms and out powers its competitors with 48 mpg and is makes for a fantastic fuel efficient used car as well.

5. Honda CR-Z – taking regular gas at the gas station, this two seater is one of the most fuel efficient cars ever created by Honda. This best fuel efficient car deserves its rightful place on the list.

6. Honda Accord – the award winning sedan fleet by Honda is good for the gas and your pocketbook, giving 34 mpg on the highway and 23 mpg on the city avenues, boulevards, roads and trails. This vehicle often finds itself on the top 10 safest cars list.

7. Audi A3 – a small station wagon, the Audi A3, is diesel powered, but ensures a combined EPA fuel economy of 34 mpg, making it a best fuel efficient cars standard among diesel devotees.

8. Nissan Leaf – the flying car among Nissan midsize vehicles, the Nissan leaf, is perfect among best fuel efficient cars in 2011 and is often sought after in fuel efficient used cars.

9. Toyota Yaris – the manual transmission king that gets 36 mpg, takes regular gasoline at the pump, and offers a 4 cylinder engine approach.

10. Volkswagen Jetta – a staple of the brand, the Jetta combines turbo velocity with rapid accelerations all while being one of the best fuel efficient cars with a 42 highway mpg.