Best Crossover Vehicles 2011

Best Crossover Vehicles

Crossover vehicles are one of the new trends in 2011 as they offer good gas mileage, are reasonably priced and combine the durability of a SUV with the reliability of a sedan. Here is a list of the best crossover vehicles of 2011, so you can do crossover vehicles comparison.

1. Toyota Rav4 – an unparalleled family friendly crossover that has appeal due to its price and highway mileage.

2. Honda CR-V – known as the best small SUV, the Honda CR-V is included as one of the best crossover vehicles for its expediency, austere look and excellent price.

3. Buick Enclave – quite possibly one of the best luxury crossover vehicles of the year, the Buick Enclave combines sheer engineering with the graceful Buick look.

4. Mazda CX-9 – a fun to drive crossover that packs a punch and style.

5. Ford Flex – a minivan crossover that measures above many others in its pathway. The Ford Flex is affordable, offers first-rate gas mileage and is pleasing to the eye.

6. GMC Acadia – offering an aggressive look, the GMC Acadia is spacious and stacks up against the other best crossover vehicles on the list.

7. Dodge Durango – rugged and upscale, this best crossover vehicle is once again included in the list for its performance on the road. Many have called it the best crossover SUV on the market.

8. Ford Edge – a classy four cylinder best crossover vehicle, the Ford Edge is economical, one of the best small SUVs and carries dynamic fun while driving.

9. Subaru Forester – the all wheel drive best crossover vehicles king is refined and stylish, dependable and one of the stellar crossovers for road drivers everywhere.

10. Kia Sorrento – a competitive and comfortable best crossover vehicle, the Kia Sorrento is a commanding driver on your travelling journey.

11. Honda Pilot – with a spacious third row, the Honda Pilot is one of the many 7 passenger crossover vehicles that is included on the list as best crossover vehicles.

12. Dodge Journey – a refreshing heavyweight in best crossover vehicles, the Dodge Journey, is one of the most competitive autos in its class.