Best Ceramic Brake Pads – Top 5 Popular Brands!

Best Ceramic Brake Pads

When shopping for brake pads you’ll have many options available to you. One of the most important factors to consider is the material of the part as each type has its benefits.

One of the more popular albeit more expensive options is ceramic brake pads. While they can be pricey they have many benefits such as reducing dust, which can help your components run longer. Further, the construction and design of these are excellent as they are more durable than other types, so if you are comparing ceramic brake pads vs semi-metallic ones, you’ll find the ceramic to be a better option long-term.

When shopping for the best ceramic brake pads you’ll want to buy brands that are well-known and offer superior quality. Here is a look at the five best.

1. Akebono brake pads are the top choice for many car manufacturers due to the many benefits their equipment offer drivers. Their design provides outstanding braking performance while keeping dust, noise and pedal pulsation to a minimum.

2. One of the best ceramic brake pads you can buy is from Bendix. These are formulated to produce less braking dust as well as generate better stopping ability. The pads’ design uses shims and chamfers to reduce noise. As a result, drivers will love the durable, smooth and handling performance these offer.

3. Hawk makes some of the best ceramic brake pads that extend the life of the parts as well as produce low dust. Their equipment is made with high performance ceramic compound, which can produce increased stopping power as well as stabilize friction.

4. For the best in design and construction drivers will want to buy from Centric. Their parts are 100% asbestos free while providing strong performance regardless of the climate.

5. The last company to make the list is Powerstop that just like Centric makes asbestos free pads. Their design includes chamfers and slots to insulate noise whereas positive molded components mean you’ll receive the best in durability.

These are the five top companies that make the best ceramic brake pads. You can find these parts at many local auto parts stores as well as online retailers like Amazon. Along with pads you can find all the tools you need when you are replacing brake pads.